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Death by Party | Swallow your soul

Our Third Featured WRATH party is in our home town: Philadelphia.

Who knew the business of watching the world end could be so much work?  Corporate Office has the inside scoop, and Harold Camping is right. Apparently, Baby Jesus is swooping down on May 21st to kick some ass and drag us all to hell. Our decision was to say “fuck it, let’s throw a party.” Unfortunately, after our Director of Operations busted his ass for 2 months setting up parties all over the planet, word of our now WORLD INFAMOUS ‘Hard Times’ parties got out… and we faced a cascade of venue cancelations as a result. Even our home base Philly venue gave us the boot. After we announced our Blood and Feces Free Guarantee they agreed early on, then, without explanation, we got the high hat. Well, fuck the Khyber Pass Pub with their “rules” and “health codes” and “public safety regulations…” the world is coming to an end anyway.

Swellco & Swellco is going underground for our final party:

May 20th
Bearded Lady Hula Hoop Contest

9:00 Private party. Contatct info @ moneygunsweed.com for secret location
$8 donation, open bar
80 guest limit RSVP required
Free to ladies with beards and hula hoops or drag queens
Hosted by Needles Jones and Louise LaTease

wrathphilly WRATH Philadelphia

For the Philadelphia WRATH End Times Pre-Party we rescind our Blood and Feces Free Guarantee. We do not promise the event will be 100% blood and feces free. We do not promise live sodomy will not be performed on stage.
All the prohibitions the Khyber Pass Pub tried to force on our guests will not apply to the party including but not limited to:

-full frontal nudity
-razor blades
-enema bottles
-bottle rockets
-adult diapers
-pigs’ heads
-roller skates
-and pudding.

Seriously, we’re all going to hell, and life is just a circus.

For more on the WRATH End Times Pre-Party Project click here.

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